Fish Plays Fetch Like A Dog

To create buzz for their new film “Self/Less,” Focus Features partnered with a creative agency to produce a viral style video featuring a fish that was taught by scientists to play fetch like a dog.

To kick off their marketing effort for this video the creative agency partnered with RSVLTS Media to create a multi-pronged launch strategy for the video to ensure that it spreads around the web like wildfire.

  • Our strategy consisted of creating a schedule for the video’s release and posting that the video was submitted to Reddit immediately upon it’s uploading to YouTube.
  • Our in-house marketing team promoted the video in a way to ensure that it would hit the front page of the “front page of the internet”, which it did.
  • “Fish Plays Fetch Like A Dog” was the most viewed video of the week on reddit which led to organic placement on some of the largest sites on the web including Huffington Post, 9Gag, Yahoo, theCHIVE and other.