Freedom Beanies


The Roosevelts Store launched a new line of winter beanies and were looking for a unique way to drive sales through Reddit.

  • Identified Subreddits where the beanies would connect with the audience.
  • For the “Freedom” beanie r/murica (177,000 subscribers) was chosen.
  • For the Bo Jackson “Touchdown” beanie r/oaklandraiders (8,800 subscribers) and r/retrogaming (23,800 subscribers) we’re chosen.
  • Original photos we’re uploaded to tease the community and lifted to the top of each subreddit to feel like organic content.
  • Our power Redditors dropped links into the comments of the submission to where users could by the product.
  • The key to this was to ensure that the link reached the top of the comment tread and stayed there, which we did.
  • Over 200 beanies we’re sold over the course of one weekend resulting in $6,400 in sales.