Nau Spring/Summer Collection


The male clothing retailer Nau was looking for a way to create organic awareness amongst the highly influential r/MaleFashionAdvice community on Reddit, and it’s 530,000 subscribers.

That is where RSVLTS Media came in.

  • We created a gallery featuring high quality images from Nau’s spring/summer 2016 collection
  • Trackable links for each product were created through Google
  • Our team of in-house Reddit power users submitted this post to the r/MaleFashionAdvice subreddit
  • Within the first hour of seeding our story hit the number two position on the subreddit with an astounding 89% upvote percentage
  • By the second hour we reached the number one position in the massive community of influencers
  • The story sat at the top of the subreddit for 23 hours and became the 8th most viewed story of the week
  • This led to 16,000 product views and 800 clicks to Nau’s website from this incredibly targeted audience