#Jeterhead MLB All-Star Game

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When @MasterCard hooked us up with tickets to the Home Run Derby we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get some face time on national TV. But how do we make our presence known while standing in a frenzy of people?

Oversized cowboy hats? No. Fireworks? No. Stilts. No. Balloons with late-1990’s – early-2000’s alt-rock lead singers faces printed on them. Maybe. A giant oversized head on a stick? Yes.

It worked at Coachella and so it would certainly work at the All-Star Game. Unfortunately we left ourJavHead at the office so we had to think of someone almost as popular as Javhead who would catch everyone’s attention.

Derek Jeter obviously. His RE2PECT video was blowing up all over the web and even though he wasn’t participating in the Derby we knew Chris Berman would be all over that story line during any downtime in the competition. Jeter it is was and lucky for us Fathead was able to make it possible.

Just before the Derby we told RSVLTS Nation what was going on and if anyone paused their TV and sent in a picture of us holding the #JeterHead we would hook them up with a t-shirt. We knew The Butcher t-shirt is in demand but the response was overwhelming.

Here are some of the best moments of RSVLTS trip to the Home Run Derby as seen on social media…