Goats Yelling Like Humans

RSVLTS published an original supercut video titled “Goats Yelling The Humans” to their YouTube page. The video became a viral sensation racking up over 30 million views on YouTube since it was published. This has led to significant growth in subscribers to RSVLTS YouTube page and similar new “supercut compilations have received over one million views.

The video has since become a cultural phenomenon:

  • Featured in opening monologue of Jimmy Kimmel Live (2/24/13)
  • Started the music trend of goats yelling in music videos, made popular by Taylor Swift’s ”I Knew You Were Trouble.“ People Magazine calls Goats Yelling Like Humans the most important trend in music of the moment
  • The TV commercial for Facebook Home features a goat yelling like a human , 2013 Nickelodens Kid Choice Awards features Goats Yelling Like Humans
  • April 7th episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Melissa McCarthy mentions the video, watch the skit.
  • Top story on Yahoo!’s homepage rotating headliner