World Cup Ticker Tape Parade

We used Reddit to create a viral campaign to help the U.S. Women’s World Cup team get a well deserved Ticker Tape Parade.

  • Discovered that no women’s sports team had been honored with a Ticker Tape Parade
  • Strategy team built a grassroots campaign centered around Reddit
  • Built two “meme” style graphics that explained our position
  • Created two text based Reddit posts
  • Submitted content across sports, Americana, soccer and New York City subreddits
  • Hit the front page of Reddit within 5 minutes of submission!
  • Over the course of two days we hit the front page multiple times
  • Our click to Tweet button send Mayor Bill De Blazio over 10,000 calls for the parade
  • Manhattan boro President Gale Brewer discovered our post on r/NYC
  • She joined the cause and blitzed television, digital and print media
  • The cause went main stream on traditional media
  • The Mayor announced that NYC would host the parade
  • 4 days, mission accomplished