Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List

Issue: Windows Phone was seeking a unique way to showcase the photo, mobile app and social media capabilities of their latest line up of smartphones to baseball fans across America.

Strategy: There is more to baseball than just the game itself. It’s the traditions, history, culture and lifestyle that makes baseball America’s game. Baseball fans across America used the power of social media to submit their favorite baseball bucketlist items, everything ranging from visiting the Green Monster to eating a Dodger Dog to kayaking at AT&T Park’s McCovey Cove. The best fan submissions were selected and two editors, armed with their Windows Phones, took America on a baseball adventure of epic proportions to complete the tasks. They used the Windows Phone to capture photos, write stories, shoot videos to share with the masses and talk to fans on-the-go through Facebook and Twitter.


Results: 54 placements from sports and men’s lifestyle publications. In each city editors and influencers were invited to take part in the Bucket List activities which enabled Windows Phone to increase familiarity among sports reporters and fans. Overall, the campaign surpassed coverage impression metrics by 124,000,000. An estimated reach of 159 million – almost three times the number of people who watch the World Series Nearly 459 tweets and 5,429 YouTube views for a total social media reach of over 5 million 450 total spots on radio stations across the country touting Windows Phone and reaching a viewership of over 194.2 million listeners Over 300 shoppers learned about Windows Phone while waiting to challenge The Roosevelts in Home Run Derby on Kinect Sports.